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  • Κολιέ από φέτες μπουκαλιών 56εκ. - Χιλή

Κολιέ από φέτες μπουκαλιών 56εκ. - Χιλή

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Κολιέ φέτες μπουκαλιών 56εκ.(διάφ.χρώμ.)

This amazing necklace is handmade from colored bottle slices that have been smoothed down and melted into organic shapes, then strung together with rustic brass hoops and a delicate chain. Some people do ponder where jewelry actually comes from, and if more people did, perhaps the world would be a better place. A bold statement maybe, but one small company who crafts this wonderful jewelry is trying to achieve just that, and more. This small family-run workshop in Chile employs eight craftspeople and over thirty bottle collectors. Apart from statutory wages, they give any help when needed, small loans, transport and a big cake on employees? birthdays (and sometimes beer or champagne!). They donate all of their remaining glass to an NGO who sells the glass to bottle producers. Money raised from this enterprising venture goes towards healing children who have suffered terrible and life-changing burns. They run workshops at schools for vulnerable children, teaching the kids how to make their own recycled bottle drinking glass and environmentally, on top of recycling bottles, they compost and recycle their main waste. The supplier says "Our employees are humble and hard working people, very talented with inspiring stories. We want to improve salaries as we get better and to improve the overall happiness level. We want to give an example of being a sustainable and responsible company, one that defines success not only for how much money we make, but on how much positive impact we make in society and the environment?. They are proud of being a Fairtrade (WFTO) and B certified company. An inspiration to us all and one you can be part of by wearing this beautiful boho necklace with pride and absolution. Alternatively, wear as a gorgeous retro belt. In four lovely colors, buy one for yourself and one for a friend and spread a little happiness as you go by. Cheers. Why we love this product! Handmade Fairtrade Recycled A benevolent philosophy A beautiful boho gift Διάσταση: 56εκ.

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