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  • Αστέρι γυάλινο Ρουμπινί με φωτάκια

Αστέρι γυάλινο Ρουμπινί με φωτάκια

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Αστέρι γυάλ. 30εκ. Ρουμπινί φωτάκια

Too gorgeous to hide away until Christmas, these stars twinkle with either the fairy lights they come supplied with or with a traditional tealight. Maybe save the fairy lights until the festive season and use with a candle during the rest of the year for parties, evening sparkle or ambient lighting. These eye-catching stars are handmade using a lengthy and traditional process in Moradabad, India. Using skills and ingenuity, workers create the antique finish on the glass and it is then left to dry in the sun. Hand-cut glass shapes are then framed expertly with iron and neatly soldered on. The star is constructed to include a tealight holder and delicate hinged door with sliding catch. Once the lantern is complete, the final painting and finish is also done by hand. It comes with an aged chain and hook so you can hang at the required length. Band together with the many other available colours or group with a variety of lights, candles and lanterns for extra festive twinkle. Why we love this product! Handmade Traditional Eye-catching Can be used with either fairy lights or tealight Festive and fairtrade 'Περιλαμβάνει και βάση ρεσώ. Διάσταση: 30εκ.

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