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  • Καρέκλα 'φωλιά' με μπαμπού

Καρέκλα 'φωλιά' με μπαμπού

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A force of nature, this is a beautifully organic and modern piece of furniture handmade in a traditional way using rattan core, a strong, long-lasting and hard-wearing material that is related to palm. This ingenious seat creates textural eye-catching beauty whilst maintaining strength, comfort and simplicity. The manufacturer operates a small to medium scale factory in the Philippines, and employs sixty people on a permanent basis. This expands to around two hundred people on a seasonal contractual basis, sixty of whom are sub-contractors and eighty are cottage workers; usually artisans who work from home on a piecework basis. This can be a good way of working as it enables workers to run the family home and earn a living. The company provide summer and Christmas allowances as well as recreational activities. There is a lending scheme that is available for the benefit of all. For older employees a retirement plan is in place and they also support the local community through outreach programmes. The company actively gets involved in helping people to overcome and cope following natural disasters and calamities. They aid people in rebuilding lives and homes. Following Typhoon Haiyan, for example, a community of eighty families were helped with the rebuilding of their homes and were provided with daily necessities. The abstract weave pattern of this rattan chair mixes beautifully with other textures. For an eclectic, shrewd and thrifty vibe, mismatch with random chairs around a kitchen table (VO437) (VW001) or leave as single piece to soften an industrial look. Why we love this product! Fairtrade Handmade Modern and traditional Eye-catching Mix and match Διάσταση: 57x44x81εκ.

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