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Mango Sofa Won
  • Παγκάκι ανακυκλωμένα ξύλα 100x32εκ.

Παγκάκι ανακυκλωμένα ξύλα 100x32εκ.

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Handmade in Indonesia, this beautiful, rustic wooden bench has been made using reclaimed wood. All of the materials used have either been recycled or come from a sustainable source, and artisan techniques have been employed during the manufacturing process of this product. Featuring a rustic style effect and natural wood finish, this bench is the perfect addition to any home, and is perfect for adding a homely, rustic feel to any room. One end of the bench has been finished in a naturally weathered effect, which has been lovingly hand-crafted. The company that makes this product employs 100 people, 40 of which work in the factory and 60 who work from home, known as cottage workers; these are artisans who benefit from being at home so they can still fulfil their family duties. The team of employees are described as dedicated people, long tenured and enthusiastic. Bring the outdoors in and create a natural, earthy feel to your home with this unique wooden bench. Why we love this product! Made from reclaimed wood Handmade and fairtrade Rustic, earthy effect Contemporary, bohemian style Made using traditional and artisan techniques Διάσταση: 100x32εκ.

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