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Mango Sofa Won
  • Καπέλο λάμπας εμαγιέ Μέντα 25,5εκ.

Καπέλο λάμπας εμαγιέ Μέντα 25,5εκ.

  • SKU:ISLP160G
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
Τιμή :

Εμαγιέ καπέλο λάμπας σε ένα λιτό και στιλάτο σχήμα.

For something so simple the finished effect this retro-style enamel lampshade has is truly out of proportion with its humble demeanour. It is a timeless classic that adds a beautiful pop of uniformed white and industrial-edged chic to any interior. 
Supplier Info: This product is manufactured by a new small business based in India.  This philanthropic company is committed to providing work opportunities to rural areas and the owner plans visit every village in India to promote their handicrafts. The business currently consists of six people and provides a generous and supportive structure for their outlying staff and their families.
Why we love this product!
Hand-finished Ethically sourced Understated elegance Industrial-edged chic Timeless
Dimensions: Diameter: 25.5cm


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